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Top 3 Reasons Why Filipinos Can't Buy Any House & Lot

Have you been wondering why there are many Filipinos who does not have their own house yet? Well, this year I changed from selling condominium units to house and lot properties so I finally know why many of us cannot buy a home. No, it's not just because of one reason, there are many. I will of course just give you the three things I encounter the most. Are you ready? Haha. Can you guess what's the first one? Oh for sure you can. 😆 # 1: Not Enough Money or Savings/Investments Yes, this is the top reason all over the world. Haha. It's not just here in our county of course. If we only live from paycheck to paycheck or per salary cut off and don't even try to save part of what we earn then there's really no hope for us. Lol, kidding. Or am I? 😅 Face the facts, if we don't have any savings at all then we will always be poor. That's the harsh reality. What's the solution? Save save save first and find more ways to earn money legally and without stepping on

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