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What's In Ortigas, Pasig: Malls and Capitol Commons (Part 1 of 2)

Hello there! Haven't gone anywhere much lately due to quarantine. Isn't it nice to go to various places? Let's reminisce some of my city travels. Here's an updated version of my "travel" blog from October last year .  Ah how time flies...  If there's any place I love in the National Capital Region (NCR a.k.a. Metro Manila) it's none other than the Ortigas area. Why not when there's a lot of trees and you can walk to anywhere.  Did you know I've worked in Ortigas for less than a decade? I'm not going to stay to work in one area if I didn't like it. I also lived near Capitol Commons before it was what it is today. Didn't see it get built one by one but it's just nice to see how well the barren open field land was developed into such a great community. Anyway on to my short trip to Pasig City last year. It was a Good Sunday What's a good Sunday but a meal shared with a friend, a lot of catching up plus some idle walking to see

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